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Custom Cedar Hot Tubs and Exercise Tubs

The Rubadub Tub® is a round hot tub in cedar or redwood that's portable, fully lined & insulated with the aesthetics, depth and leg room of a traditional hot tub.

Great Northern® created the Rubadub Tub® in the mid-seventies. It is the world’s first lined and fully insulated portable hot tub spa that retains the aesthetics, depth, and legroom of the traditional wooden hot tub. Inside the beautiful redwood or cedar wood exterior is a smooth, watertight Poly-Tex™ shell. Often mistaken for vinyl that some manufacturers use, our Poly-Tex™ shell is actually a thicker, more durable and easy-to-clean high molecular weight thermoplastic. It’s more like acrylic, yet it’s pliable! And it’s backed by a 10-year Limited Warranty.

Designed with the customer in mind, the Rubadub Tub® round hot tub offers flexibility. For example, you can locate the seats at one or more levels so each person has hot water over their shoulders, right where the aches and pains are. Place jets where they’re most needed to provide therapy for feet, shoulders, or back. Just about anything’s possible with this hot tub! Finally, therapy the way you want it!


The Rubadub Tub® round wooden soaking hot tub gives you room to s-t-r-e-t-c-h out and relax. With no foot well like spas, there’s more room for feet and legs. Only the Rubadub Tub® with it’s 44 inch actual depth offers the total relaxation that portable spa users dream of! 

Custom Cedar Hot Tubs and Exercise Tubs

We carefully studied all Hot Tub Support Systems and concluded that any shortcuts in this department were false economy. We wouldn’t settle for portable sized pumps, suction filters, or ineffective heaters. Only the best equipment is good enough for the Rubadub Tub®. Our systems are engineered with matched and tested components, including a hi-performance, energy efficient, two-speed jet pump, pressure filter, dual voltage electric heater (gas and wood fired heaters available), directional hydro-therapy jets, plumbing kit, chemicals and test kit. And you can customize your system with more jets, a monster jet, or air bubblers for even more therapy.


Unlike molded spas, the Rubadub Tub® wooden hot tub fits through doorways and down staircases. How? Simple! It comes in an easy-to-assemble kit that’s a snap for the do-it-yourselfer or your installer. If you’re on the move, the Rubadub Tub® tags right along. Weighing only a fraction of other spas, it easily slips through doorways and down basement steps by temporarily reshaping into a 26-inch wide oval. Compare that to the 700-900 pound, rigid and cumbersome so-called “portable spas”!


Great Northern® has the largest selection. Whether it’s popular tubs that seat 4-6 people, small Japanese Ofuro sized tubs for one person, tubs for retreats and summer camps that seat 18 or more, or extra large and extra deep tubs for exercise or medical therapy, they’re in stock and ready to go.

We carry tubs from 3' to 6' DEEP and from 3' to 12' WIDE

Interested in having your very own swim spa? We can help with that too! Ask us about our Monster Jet. Like its name entails the monster jet is a beast moving hundreds of gallons per minute, dependent on the pump size. This makes it great for resistance training like swimming, physical therapy and getting out those deep knots. This jet comes with it’s own valve so you can adjust the flow between the monster jet and the smaller jets in the tub. The size and depth of our Rubadub Tub® can also accommodate enough room for full body water aerobics as well as underwater treadmills.

Videos below show an air bubbler option running on a 5′ dia. system. The Air Bubbler gives you a lighter, all around body massage by thousands of little bubbles. It provides hydrotherapy for the entire tub and it can be used with or without the standard hydrotherapy jets.

Also, shown is a 7′ dia. system with an upgraded 5hp commercial pump running a monster jet and 12 standard jets. The monster jet can be used for swimming, deep tissue massage or body surfing. It comes with a 3 way valve to adjust the pump pressure through the monster jet and standard jets.