Our Philosophy on Tubbing

In today’s lifestyle, tubbing is probably the best bargain you could have. We’d all like to run the hot tub or spa for about fifty cents a month, but we have to be realistic about it. It’s going to cost more than that. I have a Rubadub Tub®. It costs me about a dollar a day to run my hot tub outdoors in Minnesota with no gazebo, no covered greenhouse over it, nothing. It’s fully exposed to the elements. Our family of five uses it year-round. Some of our best tubbing months are in the winter when it’s well below zero. We sit in the hot water and soak up the BTU’s. Tubbing makes winters in Minnesota bearable. If someone took my hot tub away today, I’d simply pack up and leave the state. I’ve become so accustomed to never having to be cold! For that matter, hardly ever getting a cold! For a dollar a day, it’s one of the best bargains that I think you can have. People say “$30 a month?! I don’t need another $30 a month on my electric bill!” We all agree – none of us want that. On the other hand, we think nothing about going out to dinner and spending $60-100. You could have run your hot tub easily for two, three, maybe even four months. There are salesmen who argue that their brand doesn’t cost more than $10 a month to run. I’m an engineer. I could play with the numbers to achieve those figures too, but I would be misleading you. A hot tub or spa used on a daily basis with the thermostat always set up to 104° will cost about $15 a month indoors and about $30 a month outdoors. If a dealer or manufacturer insists that their brand costs only $3-5 a month, ask them to pay the difference if your bill is higher. AND get it in writing! In today’s fast-paced environment, fifty cents to a dollar a day is cheap entertainment for ourselves, our spouse, our family, and all of our friends.

Choose your dealer and manufacturer wisely

Before you buy, take into consideration reputation, time in business, and the length and quality of product warranty. If your heater breaks down after hours in the dead of winter, will they come out and fix it? Find out where the hot tub or spa is made. Check with the Better Business Bureau. Most people in the spa and hot tub business are honest reputable people. However, there are some unscrupulous manufacturers out there. Don’t get caught! Ask many questions. Get references and call them! Don’t get soaked before you try out your new tub.